miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

DAY 1 . 
Daily Report : Once B
·         RONALD NIÑO: Past simple and continuous, page 32,33 and 34 Cambridge book unit 5, Pre lesson, Contextualization, Individual moment and group work.
·         OLFA MABROUK: Reading Comprehension activity: How to look for specific information in the text.
·         CHRISTIAN MALDONADO: We worked on efficient reading techniques as part of the training for certification tests. We learned, practice and revised the sq4r, skimming, scanning and inverted triangle techniques.
·         JAIME: Today we worked on unusual houses, adjectives and descriptions of places for next class the unusual house developed in the class is going to be presented to the group.  
·         NATACIÓN: Intensivos.
INGLÉS UNOi (8-A, 8-B): for next class everyone must read the myth of the origin of seasons. 
Thank you
High school teachers and Coordination

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