martes, 16 de mayo de 2017

DAY 1 . 
Daily Report : Once B .
·         RONALD NIÑO: Cambridge book unit 7, Have to and Must, should, Individual moment, group work, get ready for quiz, next class.
·         CHRISTIAN MALDONADO: Listening exercise corresponding to unit 6. We finished unit 6 with a reading activity. Remember bringing your book to class is a must.
·         ALEXANDER MÁRQUEZ: Today we brushed up and cleared up the 4 conditionals both with if and unless.  Exercised them with examples and songs.  A homework on page workbook unit 5 was assigned for next Thursday.
·         JAIME: Today was the first day of expositions cycle, students exposed the topic present continuous and made a quiz to their classmates. For next class bring the expositions prepared.
BIOLOGIA: Trabajamos sobre el transporte de sustancias solidad y líquidos  a través de la membrana celular, cosmos, difusión pasiva y activa, para el día de mañana deben traer diccionario de español para la clase de biología.  
Thank you

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